Family Law

Family can cover a multitude of issues but most of the time it involves divorce.

It is a far easier emotional process when children are not involved or the parties have adopted an amicable approach to dividing assets and parting ways. However, when valuable assets or children are involved a divorce can become a completely different matter and in many instances is extremely traumatic.

It is not an easy process diving up family possessions accumulated over a long period together, nor sometimes agreeing on fair maintenance and custody of children. Where third parties are involved, there is often resentment and anger over the betrayal. Where emotion takes over, it is difficult to make decisions based on sound judgement, and this is where a sympathetic, but objective listening ear, can often provide the balance and advice needed to alleviate prolonged legal processes through the courts. We are particularly vigilant when children are involved as their feelings and wellbeing should always be placed first.

Family Law mostly deals with the following issues:

financial & estate planning
civil litigation
business law
family law
• Pre-marital contracts • Divorce proceedings • Custody arrangements • Maintenance issues • Paternity suits • Adoptions

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