Civil Litigation

Hundreds of millions in unnecessary legal fees are spent every year through pointless litigation and wasted days in court, copious letters amongst attorneys and senseless argument between parties.

Preston-Whyte & Associates has a different approach to conflict resolution in civil matters. We believe in expediency and an out of court, fair and equitable resolution at the lowest cost. We will only activate a civil process through the courts after we have exhausted every possible channel of resolution.

In the inevitable event of having to pursue the option of civil litigation we apply a stringent process to minimize cost and time wasting. Proper preparation, attention to detail and the presentation of the correct and accurate documentation will ensure that the court is presented with a clear picture of the matter at hand. This requires ongoing communication and efficient process between all parties. Even during conflict situations we attempt to treat all parties with dignity and fairness.

Give us a call today and enjoy a complimentary consultation to establish a working relationship and direction for your civil resolution.

Complimentary Online Advice

If you have a pending question on any legal matter or simply seek some interim advice, email us on and we will respond with the basic process and cost table.

You will not be charged for the response, nor will you be under any obligation to use our services. Please note that some issues may require a more detailed response than we are able to provide as a quick response via email.